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Lesson #7 Get Naked: Digging through the Giant Ant Archives

March 30th, 2009

Sometimes it’s fun to dig around old archives. The dust, the history, past lives entering the current age with every page turned.


But there’s no dust here, we’re a digital media studio, our archives live on a few macs and a team of hard drives we affectionately call “the Bitch”, “Back up Bitch”, “tera bitch and “Bongo Bitch”, appropriately and inappropriately named after the regular aggravation they cause. That’s besides the point, I’m exploring the pixels of our archived work for one reason and one reason only:


I know for a fact that Leah would much rather never see this video again. She described the experience of watching the video she and partner Jay Grandin created over the 2006 winter holidays gain hundreds, then thousands and quickly ballooning to millions of views, as “horrifying”.

As film school grad, the thought of her most viewed work being a video of her exfoliating with Apricot Body Scrub and Grandin shaking his wiener, left a lot to be desired. Too bad a few million people didn’t care.

In the name of embarrassment, as part of the Launch of our New Giant Ant Media Facebook Page and of course for you our dedicated and beautiful fans, I present to you, How to Shower: Men vs. Women. Over the next few weeks we’ll explore the archives, the stories and the random happenings that brought Giant Ant Media in to existence.

How to Shower: Men vs. Women

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