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New Stuff… including Derek

July 29th, 2009

If you’ve stumbled across this post, you may notice that we’ve given the site a little massage. We wanted to better show off some of our recent work, so the biggest changes are on the WORK PAGE. If you have a moment, check it out; we’ve added recent projects for 18 KARAT, ASIA PACIFIC FOUNDATION, TIMBERLAND EARTHKEEPERS, and the BC FOREST PRODUCTS INDUSTRY.

ALSO, we want to introduce you to Derek, our new interaction designer. He’s pretty much the man, and works on all sorts of stuff for us from motion design, to art direction, to technical things way back in computerland with names like jQuery that we used to send outside. In fact, he used a couple of those fancy words to make the aforementioned website refresh.

Derek + his tomatoes
Welcome, Derek; you look fabulous.

PS — Leave a comment and help us welcome Derek.

Gnomedex 2009

July 5th, 2009

Gnomedex 2009 is approaching and we’re excited + honoured that Jay and Leah have been asked to speak along side some really incredible people. More info on GNOMEDEX here.

Modernism + Kidpoo = uh, Handysitt

July 5th, 2009

When we started working with Keiki Inc in the winter—the new North American distributor of the MINUI HANDYSITT kids’ chair—we fell in like pretty much instantly. Not only are they vending a handsome product which we were able to get behind whole-heartedly, but the partners’ combined status as young dad + ex-interactive agency partner makes them pretty keen on edgy (potty) humour.

Balancing budgets and priorities, we settled on creating three videos for them that target their key markets—homes and restaurants. It was important to show the product’s opportunity as a modern styling decision as well as celebrating it’s obvious utility. After deciding to go the route of creating a suite of sales tools—rather than some of the more comedic, potentially shocking, concept work we did with them—we connected them with the great people at STRUTTA with the idea that an online contest would be a fine way to get young parents exchanging, and laughing together, over poop stories.


Adam at Keiki took it upon himself to style the CONTEST PAGE with the glossiest piece of feces any of us have seen in some time, busting down the barriers of “inappropriate” before anyone could even approach them. We hope that this is a sign of great contest to come. (Pssst, parents, the prizes are Handysitts.)