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PBS + Memelabs + GAM = Fun!

February 28th, 2010

Not too long ago we got a call from Memelabs, Vancouver-based video contest platform. They were putting together a contest for PBS to promote all of the exciting, new digital media experiences they’re offering.

We were engaged to work with the Memelabs and the PBS creative teams to produce the seeder video. After a number of story iterations, we landed on a script from the PBS team in which Dick, a private detective, acts as reluctant spokesperson for the contest.

We had a ton of fun art directing and animating the spot. Thanks to our pal, Chad Brealey, for being the face of Dick, and to Ryland Haggis for the great sound design (we liked working with him so much that we talked him into joining Team Ant on a full-time contract to soundify all of the fun stuff we’re working on right now!).

You can also see the spot here in our portfolio in higher res.

Calling All Ants

February 12th, 2010


We’re looking to add some more brains to our team. Although it might only be one person, we use the plural of “brain” intentionally, because we want you to have lots of ‘em.

·We’re a group of storytellers that use video, motion, interactive, or anything else that we feel best achieves our, and our clients’, goals.

·We’re a group of artists that want to make great work, not just more work.

·We’re pleasant.

If that sounds like you too, send us a link to your reel with some factoids about why you’ll be a good fit.

Also of interest: Interns.

Recent Work for PSF

February 9th, 2010

We recently had a great opportunity to work with the Pacific Salmon Foundation on their first television PSA. We wanted to grab the attention of the viewership base (World Fishing Network viewers) by giving them a piece with a distinctly different feel than the fishing shows it will be paired with—more about the romance of being out in nature with the rather than simply catching them.

Check it out.

Pacific Salmon Foundation “Worth It” from Giant Ant Media on Vimeo.