“Behind the Scenes” With Trevor Linden for Clearly Contacts.

May 31st, 2010

We recently had the pleasure of writing/directing/producing a television spot for Clearly Contacts’ (a Coastal Contacts brand). What made it more special was that the star of the commercial was [Vancouver icon] Trevor Linden.

The approach to the spot was grown up and informational with limited reference to Trevor’s hockey career. But, we also wanted to find a way to let Trevor have some fun and to leave some Easter eggs online for his adoring BC fans. With that in mind, we wrote a series of “behind the scenes” spots designed to poke fun at bad, pun-filled athlete endorsements.

The campaign helped spread the word about the simple fact that we all pay too much for eyewear, but it also allowed Clearly Contacts to flex their humour muscle and remind us why they were named in BC Business’ Top 20 Innovative Companies.

The “director” (who was being directed by Leah Nelson, as was the television spot) was played by Graeme Duffy, local improv actor. Not only is he hilarious, but his diminutive size next to Trevor made him perfect. What we didn’t expect was that Trevor would go toe-to-toe with Graeme in the improv ring, one-upping our scripted lines as he went. In fact, his acting was so good that Graham had to break character on a few occasions to see if Trevor was actually as uncomfortable as he seemed. Of course he wasn’t—he was just so “in character” that he had us all fooled, causing Leah to stop the filming and say “Ok stop. Who is acting right now?”. So, there you have it; Trevor Linden can act. What’s more, he was probably the most pleasant actor we’ve every had the opportunity to work with.

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes action in the Clearly Contacts YouTube stream, or on Twitter.

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