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Hiiiiii Jorge

July 28th, 2011

We found the next Ant.

Happily, Jorge got his visa today and will be joining the team in September. Like anyone who has joined the team, we really admire his work, and are excited for another artist to join us in our pursuit of having a great time making work that we find meaningful.

Jorge, who goes by Jr.canest online, comes to us via Vancouver Film School and then a great studio in LA, and has worked on some pretty nifty stuff.

Welcome to the team, Jorge!

Hiiiii Teresa, Hiiiii Scott

July 13th, 2011

It’s been some time since posting an update. New projects aside, we have one that’s long overdue: the acquisition of two lovely & fantastic new Creative Team members.

Teresa Toews has been with us since January as Project Manager. She also manages to write scripts, keep the office running in top form, and throw down some really great creative concepts. We <3 her. So do our clients and vendors.

Scott Tolan comes to us from the world of snowboard films, and is our first dedicated Editor. From what we can tell, Scott has and endless memory and a delightfully astute attention to detail and continuity. In the short time he’s been on our team, he’s edited 5 TV commercials, and about an hour worth of other projects destined for the internet. We <3 him too.

Welcome to the team!